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A Resolve for Serving God in the New Year

A friend of mine had a kidney stone during the Christmas holidays and tells me that he spent a lot of time in prayer during his time of misery.

Of course, during times like these we are so happy that a verse like Hebrews 4:16 is real in the life of the believer.  That verse tells us, “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

We have all been in those situations where we call on God in our time of stress or grief or loss.  We call out in urgency to the God who ministers to us so wondrously.

But as I contemplate this verse, I think the key is that we are in a “time of need” for Jesus Christ in our lives all the time.

Written by Annie S. Hawks in 1872, the old song “I Need Thee Every Hour” hammers home this point:

“I need Thee every hour, in joy or pain;
Come quickly and abide, or life is vain.”

We tend not to realize our total dependency on God when things are going well; that’s the nature of being human.  It is not until life drags us down that we tend to fall on our faces and call out to Him.  And in His loving kindness and patience, He loves us and works within us despite ourselves.

I would like to propose that as a New Year dawns, this marks the perfect time to recommit ourselves to being daily, hourly reliant upon the One who has Saved us.

How do we do this?

Simply put, we need to commit to a daily time of drawing away with God for Bible study, prayer and deep communion with the Father.  I believe this is the key to victorious Christian living.

Life is certainly hectic, as I have noted in this column.  I face daily challenges to my time with God just like you do.  But I believe it is incumbent on the believer to have that purposeful time of daily devotion, of getting alone with God on a personal basis.  Nothing satisfies the soul like intimacy with Jesus.

Andrew Murray said this: “It is a glorious thing to get to know God in a new way in the inner chamber.  It is something still greater and more glorious to know God as the all-sufficient One and to wait on His Spirit to open our hearts and minds wide to receive the great things, the new things which He really longs to bestow on those who wait for Him.”

That’s the life of the believer that I want for myself and for my family.

I would urge you, as this New Year approaches, to make a commitment to daily communion with God.  May each of us understand that we desperately need that time alone with Him in order to grow, mature and become able servants of the King.

I pray that this New Year brings you much joy and incredible blessings that you cannot now even begin to imagine.  God bless you.

Thirty Years of Pro-Life Ministry

Next year will mark the thirtieth year of pro-life ministry for our Liberty Godparent Home for Unwed Mothers.  Started in 1982 by my father, the ministry was largely begun following a series of conversations Dad had with pro-life theologian Francis Schaeffer.  Over thirty years, we have ministered to countless girls in need and seen innumerable babies be adopted into Christian homes.

The Godparent Home operates under the auspices of Thomas Road Baptist Church.  This residential program for young, single girls facing unplanned pregnancies is a safe haven for girls who often have nowhere else to turn.  Our team of experts provides medical, educational and spiritual support as well as supplying much love and encouragement throughout the girls’ pregnancies.  We operate a beautiful facility here in Lynchburg that is comfortable and convenient for the girls.

In addition, we operate an adoption agency wherein we help to place babies in the loving arms of Christian parents who are unable to have children.  I have personally witnessed young couples receiving the gift of a new baby and I can attest that it is a truly touching experience.  The gift of new life in a Christian home is a wonderful thing.

I remember one Sunday morning at Thomas Road Baptist Church when Dad literally offered a little baby to a Christian couple who were awaiting adoption and were unaware that they would be receiving a baby that day.  There was not a dry eye in the house.

Our Godparent Home ministry is a continuing testament to my father’s impassioned commitment to protecting innocent life.  I see this ministry as being essential to the cause of Christ and to the pro-life movement.  We have actually seen babies who have been adopted in our program grow up and study at Liberty University and get married and start their own families.  It is wonderful to see this ministry having such a long-lasting impact on society and the cause of Christ.

In fact, in 2012, we will be expanding the outreach of this wonderful ministry to assist even more young ladies in our nation who are facing unplanned pregnancies.  The original vision of the Liberty Godparent Home was to “light a candle” of hope for these girls.  My prayer is that we will be able to do even more in the days to come.

We recently heard from some of the girls who went through our program.  Listen to their words:

  • “The staff taught me not only to accept the decisions I made, but to seek forgiveness and restoration in the midst of my brokenness.  My heart is full of gratitude for the second chance the Godparent Home gave me.” — Dee
  • “I am so glad that I chose to come to the Liberty Godparent Home.  I am very grateful for all they have poured into my life. ” — Sarah
  • “There is not a time where I don’t reflect back and my heart begins to fill with overwhelming love and gratitude to the staff and their dedication to this ministry.” — Amy

Our ultimate goal is for each girl to understand God’s unconditional love, and to see herself as having value in our Savior’s eyes.  This Godparent Home is a ministry of the Liberty Godparent Foundation and is completely funded by churches, businesses and individual friends of the ministry.

For more information on our Godparent Home, I encourage you to call 1-800-54-CHILD.  Further, if you know of a young girl in need of our assistance, please have her call today.  We are here to help any girl who needs us, just as we have been for the last three decades.

NOTE: Dr. Schaeffer, in his book A Christian Manifesto, reminded us that “every Christian ought to be praying and working to nullify the abominable abortion law.”  But he also encouraged believers to not see abortion as a stand-alone issue.  Rather, he said we should work and pray to turn back the “total entity” of a godless worldview, “with all its results across all of life.”  Those are wise words and I believe Christians should still be embracing the culture of life in everything we do as well as representing Jesus Christ in the culture which denies Him in so many ways.  Thank God for the influence of Dr. Schaeffer that is still alive today.