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Yesterday, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell signed into law a state bill that would require pregnant women to view an abdominal ultrasound image of their unborn baby before undergoing an abortion procedure.  The purpose of the bill is information, giving women the ability to have a firsthand look at the fetal image of their baby before making such a fateful decision.

I believe this is important legislation because some women, once they see the image of the baby in their womb, will choose to give the baby life.  And that is always a cause for celebration.

This bill (HB 462) notes that “at its heart” is “a woman’s right to know medically relevant information before making a life-altering decision.”

Advocates for the statute say the ultrasound image gives a woman the “right to know” about her unborn child’s development.

Medical technology gives us a wonderful ability to illustrate to women the life that is growing within them, and I believe this bill wisely compels them to have an understanding of that life.  I think it truly should be the right of women to have a keen awareness of their baby’s physicality before making such a critical, life-altering decision.

Now that this bill has become law, Virginia will become one of 24 states with an ultrasound law.

I commend Gov. McDonnell and state lawmakers who have championed this bill, even as a bitter disinformation campaign by opponents has been inflaming the issue.  Gov. McDonnell is a great pro-life leader and I am thankful that he is leading our state in courageous fashion.

The ‘Personhood’ of the Unborn
Our friends at Liberty Counsel announced a partnership this week with the pro-life organization Personhood USA, saying the alliance will enable both organizations to “be more effective in advocating for the passage of personhood legislation and state initiatives for constitutional amendments in states across the country.”

Liberty Counsel Founder Mathew Staver says that personhood legislation or state constitutional initiatives declare that human life begins at conception and extend the full protection of the law to all human beings from the moment of conception.  Personhood USA has been at the forefront of efforts to pass personhood legislation and initiatives.

Staver says that Liberty Counsel will aggressively defend Personhood USA as part of this new partnership.  He says, “The right to life is the right of all rights.  Without the right to life, all other rights are meaningless.”