New Book to Aid Global Church Planting

My new book, “1,000 Days: The Ministry of Christ,” (click here to order) published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, was released this week.  All proceeds from this book will go to church-planting efforts, so I want to encourage all of my friends to pick up a copy this week, on-line or at your local bookstore, to help us in our national and international church-planting ventures.

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my true heartbeats is global church planting.  I believe this is the most viable way we have to reach lost souls with the message of Jesus Christ.

In our nation, polls reveal that non-believers are much more likely to visit a new church than they are an established one.  That’s why we have, through our Liberty Church Planting Network (LCPN), established many churches across the nation.  A new church gives great opportunities for sharing God’s Word.

As international chairman of LCPN, I am involved in planting and sustaining new churches across the globe.  In recent months, we have keyed on Kenya, India and Haiti, as I have reported in this column. Thomas Road Baptist Church, where I serve as pastor, has planted over 1,000 churches since July 1, 2011, in these nations.  We partner with The Timothy Initiative to establish effective and vibrant churches, some in warehouses and some literally in people’s back yards.  We establish many of these churches as community outreach centers, supplied with food, water and other supplies, so that people get used to going there.  By opening doors through humanitarian aid, we earn the right to share the Gospel with those we serve.

Through LCPN, we also train and endorse chaplains for the U.S. Military.  This arm of LCPN is called the Liberty Baptist Fellowship (LBF).

Planting churches is urgently needed.  Some might say, “With about 350,000 evangelical churches in North America, we don’t need new churches.”  Not true, I say.  In fact, the Ephesians 4 Network ( reports that for every new church that opens in North America, four close.  The organization also notes that church attendance has declined 19.4 percent in the past decade.  Further, only 28 percent of people ages 23-37 attend church regularly.

I say that it is apparent that we need many new churches that proclaim God’s Word to hungry hearts and call people to salvation through Jesus Christ.  We need churches with bold agendas to reach young people with the Gospel and then to train them to be confident apologists for the Savior.  I repeat: we need a lot of new churches.

If you believe as I do that church planting is the key to reaching our lost world, join with me.  You can help us plant an international church with a gift of $250 (this literally pays for the training of a Kenyan, Indian or Haitian pastor, as we use our own materials).  Please visit our website ( to partner with me and many others who have already joined this great cause.

Remember, proceeds from my new book, “1,000 Days: The Ministry of Christ,” go entirely toward our church-planting projects in America and abroad.  If your heart is in church planting, as mine is, we could use your help today.  Thanks, and I pray the book is a great blessing in your life as we delve into the heart of Jesus in His days of earthly ministry.