Rick Warren Fights for Religious Liberties

Saddleback Community Church Pastor Rick Warren is not a real political guy.  But he continues to decry the Obama administration’s contraception policy that he says affects the religious freedoms of institutions that have pro-life standards.  On Sunday’s “This Week” broadcast on ABC, the veteran pastor and author said he is not pleased with the token compromise on the administration’s requirement, saying that religious freedom is at stake over the issue.

NewsMax.com reported that “the original ruling from the administration required religious-affiliated universities and hospitals to offer health plans that cover contraception; under the compromise, insurance companies have to pay for that part of the coverage.”  Critics say the compromise simply shifts responsibility for the abortion coverage.

Warren noted that there are plenty of hospitals that perform abortions and that there is no need to compel pro-life religious institutions to directly or indirectly provide them.  On “This Week,” he drew an effective correlation, saying, “I would be just as opposed to someone making a law that says every Jewish deli now has to serve pork … I would protest that.  Why?  There are 100 other delis you can get pork at.  Why do I have to insist that the Jewish delis also serve pork?”

I appreciate Rick Warren continuing to press for the preservation of our religious freedoms.  He is on the front lines of this effort to ensure that pro-life ministries are never compelled to fund abortion services.  We all owe him a debt of thanks and the support of our prayers.