A New Kind of Bullying

Last week, at a Seattle high school journalism gathering, anti-bullying and gay-rights organizer Dan Savage went on an anti-Bible assault, taking direct aim on kids in the audience who revere God’s Word, even cursing the Bible and using profanity to describe its contents.  After about 100 students walked out on the speaker, Savage cursed them, as well.

The Fox News Channel says that Savage is the founder of the “It Gets Better” project, an anti-bullying crusade that has gained the support of President Obama.  Savage, Fox News reported, “also writes a sex advice column called Savage Love.”  CitizenLink.com, an affiliate ministry of Focus On The Family, interviewed the father of one of the Christian students who walked out.  He stated, “If Dan Savage was a teacher, they’d suspend him without pay for this behavior … How many of the kids who didn’t walk out felt backed into a corner?  To me, that’s bullying behavior.  It has all the symptoms, as far as I’m concerned.”

Even though Mr. Savage’s behavior was shocking and unacceptable, I do support the effort to halt all bullying in our nation.  As Christians, we must be ever-ready to defend the Bible and affirm that it is the supernaturally-inspired Word of God and that all its contents are the true revelation of God.  We must never be ashamed of the Gospel (Romans 1:16).  However, we must also remember that we need to be compassionate and respectful to all.  I personally denounce any Christian who bullies a homosexual; that is not what God intends.  Jesus, our example, was always kind to everyone he met, and we must reflect Him in all we do and say as we point to Him as the loving Savior.

John MacArthur, in his book Titus, gave us a great reminder on how we, as followers of Christ, must always behave.  He wrote, “We must not be so engulfed in trying to force social behavior to conform to our standards that we become enemies of those our Lord has called us to win to Himself.  We must reject sin and never compromise God’s standards of righteousness.  But we also must never engage in defamation and denigration of the lost sinners who make up our corrupt culture.  When Christians become political, sinners become the enemy instead of the mission field.”