Israel Turns 64


Last week, Israel celebrated its 64th birthday and Christians around the world honored the independence of this nation.

David Harris of executive director of the American Jewish Committee, last year wrote a beautiful observance of Israel’s independence.  In the column, he wrote, “The psalmist’s remembrance of the tears of exile in Babylon has been replaced by the joy of the return home.  A language of old has been restored.  A dry, barren soil has become lush with the fruits of the earth.  A people decimated by the Nazi Final Solution experienced sovereign regeneration only three years after the Holocaust.  A nation confronted by a war of extinction on its very first day — and relentlessly thereafter with more wars, waves of terrorism, economic boycotts, blood-curdling incitement, assaults on its legitimacy, you name it — has never given up or given in.”

During this year’s independence celebration at Har Herzl in Jerusalem, Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin declared that Israel is prepared to guard against “the extremists” who seek to destroy it.  “The struggle against those who set mosques on fire is not between leftists and settlers, it is a struggle against zealots,” he said.

With Hamas and Hezbollah committed to the annihilation of Israel, Christians everywhere should be taking seriously the urging of Psalm 122:6, which says, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you” (NKJV).