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Israel Turns 64


Last week, Israel celebrated its 64th birthday and Christians around the world honored the independence of this nation.

David Harris of executive director of the American Jewish Committee, last year wrote a beautiful observance of Israel’s independence.  In the column, he wrote, “The psalmist’s remembrance of the tears of exile in Babylon has been replaced by the joy of the return home.  A language of old has been restored.  A dry, barren soil has become lush with the fruits of the earth.  A people decimated by the Nazi Final Solution experienced sovereign regeneration only three years after the Holocaust.  A nation confronted by a war of extinction on its very first day — and relentlessly thereafter with more wars, waves of terrorism, economic boycotts, blood-curdling incitement, assaults on its legitimacy, you name it — has never given up or given in.”

During this year’s independence celebration at Har Herzl in Jerusalem, Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin declared that Israel is prepared to guard against “the extremists” who seek to destroy it.  “The struggle against those who set mosques on fire is not between leftists and settlers, it is a struggle against zealots,” he said.

With Hamas and Hezbollah committed to the annihilation of Israel, Christians everywhere should be taking seriously the urging of Psalm 122:6, which says, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you” (NKJV).


Life House Church Reaching Delaware

Mark Lashey and his family have lived in Delaware for 11 years now, and they have prayed for some time that God would send someone to start another church in Townsend that would help to meet the spiritual needs of the community. Little did they know, they would serve as the answer to their own prayers.

In October 2010, the Lasheys mailed invitations to their neighborhood for a Bible study in their home; as of the first week, 15 attended. The group continued to grow over the next couple of years, and they soon had around 100 people meeting in several houses. It was at this time that Mark knew that the only solution was for him to plant a church.

Life House held their first service in February of 2012. There were 327 people in attendance, and eight came to Christ. As Mark and I talked later that week, we both agreed that if eternity was changed for those eight people alone, that the effort was worth it. However, we both agreed that we felt that God was not done working in and through Life House. This quickly proved to be true as over 30 people have now professed Christ through the ministry of Life House since February!

Mark highlighted the journey of one of his neighbors. She was very vocal before the launch of the church that she would never be involved in Life House. Well, she has recently come to Christ through Life House, and the church is praying that her husband does the same in the near future.

As I spoke to Mark, he used a few phrases repeatedly. One of those was that he feels as though he keeps waiting “for the dust to settle,” but there are no signs of that in sight. God continues to work greatly through Life House to change both individual lives and the community.

Another phrase he used was “for such a time as this,” as he conveyed his ministry there. Mark said that he never used to cry, but that he finds himself crying every day now as he is simply in awe of God’s activity around him. Mark commented, “This has put me in a position to only rely on God. I don’t have the experience or knowledge to orchestrate the things that are happening right now. Obviously, God is working, and I am growing as a result.”

Mark has asked us to pray for those that need to take their next steps in following Jesus, and that the church would be able to assist them in this process. He also asked for prayer in reference to God’s provision and for increased giving to help meet these needs.

Certainly, God is working in Townsend, Delaware through Life House. LCPN is honored to come alongside Mark and the church there to see not only individual lives changing, but also families and the community as well. Mark is talking of plans to join LCPN “to change the world by planting churches that plant churches” as they are considering plans to plant another church in the near future. We thank you for your part in helping this vision to be experienced on a daily basis in our churches!