The Powerful Truth of the Gospel by Jessica Falwell

It’s easy to think we’re going nowhere
we’ve failed too many times, nobody cares
We’ve been told we won’t make it, our chances are small
Or that we’re mess ups, we’re failures, we’re not worth it at all

We think we’ve no value, no future, no place
That anything we try blows up in our face
And just when we think we’ve faced all we can bear
The Lord reassures us that He is indeed there

He’s been there through it all, helping us on the way
Watching over us and loving us even when we stray
The fact is, we’ve ignored Him, lived only for ourselves
We made our own choices and put Him on a shelf

We tried to make things work, do it on our own
We’ve pushed Him away and now feel so all alone
Everything around us, everything we see:
The sky, the ocean, the leaves on a tree

He made it all and it screams out his praise
The beauty, the wonder, the power of His name
It all points to Him because He made it all
And there’s no point to even try and stall

He deserves, He craves, and desires our heart
Why do we deny Him? After all, we’re His works of art
We’re important, we’re beautiful because He made us that way
He gave us talents and gifts so why don’t we obey?

Satan. That’s why. Cause we took of that fruit
We gave into temptation and let sin take root
We lie, we cheat, we kill, we steal
We give in to the lies and let sin take the wheel

We resisted God, denied Him, and spit in His face
We deserved death for our sins but someone took our place
God sent Jesus, His beloved only Son
To finish the fight that we had begun

To be whipped, mocked, and pierced with nails
To wash away our sins, to tear down the veil
He hung on a cross, innocent between thieves
Crying to the sky, “My God why forsake me.”

He gave up His life, the earth quaked at the news-
We had crucified Jesus, the King of the Jews
He died with the burden of overwhelming sin
The sins of us all, even those whose lives were yet to begin

Nailed to the cross and He paid the price
The spotless lamb, the ultimate sacrifice
Three days passed as he laid in the tomb
It seemed hope was lost, we had met our doom

But it wasn’t over, God had a plan
You see, Jesus wasn’t just an ordinary man
With a flash the Son of God was no longer where he laid
The Lord, our Savior, had risen from the grave

He defeated death and sin, made every wrong, right
He’s the way, the truth, and our hope in life
Through Him we can reach an everlasting peace
So What are you waiting for? Fall down to your knees

Call out His precious and holy name
The name that deserves all glory and fame
He died for us so that we can be with Him
He offers us freedom from pain, sorrow, and sin

You may think you’ve no purpose, but He disagrees
God has a plan for you, you just need to believe
Accept Him now and live for Him
All praise to the Lord forever, Amen!